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Crossways Camping Ministries Capital Campaign

The plans include $1.81 million in projects (including campaign costs) to move the vision of Crossways Camping Ministries into reality. A challenge goal of an additional $886,236 is included to launch even more of the desired vision into reality. The campaign will be conducted with a leadership gift phase and a congregational phase.

Each site will receive significant improvements. Base Goal projects are funded if we are able to reach $1.8 million in gifts and CHALLENGE GOAL projects will be implemented if we are able to reach $2.5 million. In addition to the facility projects listed below, $100,000 will be invested in program supplies, vehicles, playground equipment, furnishings, and other supplies to enhance the guest experience. A 10% endowment contribution is included for the perpetual care of the facilities and a 15% contingency has been factored into prices to account for market fluctuation and unforeseen expenses.

Where We Are Now

One-Time Gifts:

Pledges Received:

Pledges Outstanding:




From Over 1,000 Households & 54 Churches


Campaign Timeline


Planning and initial visits with large donors


Congregational Participation


Establish Ad-hoc Building Committee

Prioritize Projects

Design Blueprints

Schedule Construction*

* Construction demands in Wisconsin are currently high. Implementary plans will be based on availability. 

  • Improve bathroom accessibility

  • Develop main entry and lobby of Dining Hall

  • Masonry work on Redwood chimney

  • Stain Chapel and repair support posts

  • Addition to main lodge for office, residential kitchen, and health area

  • Relocate laundry facilities

  • Refurbish shower house

  • Winterize and  update Dining Hall

  • Build new director's home

  • Tear down Lion's Point

Rev. Robert and Mildred Herder, Honorary Co-Chairs

Art and Roni Loos, Co-Chairs

Our Campaign Co-Chairs

Site Specific Projects


Crossways Camping Office

912 Oneida Street Appleton, WI 54911