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Summer 2021 Update

Dear Crossways Camp People,

A global pandemic is a challenging time to have a mission statement begin with the words, “Bringing people together...” The hardest thing about this time, for so many of us, has been the grief and anxiety from staying distant from those we love. We miss you at camp too, and we long to gather together.

Even in the midst of continued uncertainty, we are making plans to open registration for Summer Camp 2021. It will look different than it has in the past. All of these plans are tentative and may change based on state/federal mandates, input from our health officials, and best practices emerging from the American Camp Association. We will communicate any updates as they happen.

We are planning to open registration on Monday, January 4. This is quite a bit later than usual, which we hope gives us the time to get better information to you. We would rather delay registration than have to make mass changes or cancellations like last year.

Youth Camp
We are planning to open youth camp with a 50% capacity. If Covid conditions across the state warrant it, we may be able to raise that threshold. We are encouraged by the emerging reports from schools and summer camps that have been successful in mitigating the risk of the virus.

Family Camp
We will continue the practice of assigning housing by family. We may need to limit capacity based on the staffing we are able to provide.

Confirmation Camp
Confirmation Camp will open with a 50% capacity. We are meeting with individual Confirmation Leaders from across the Synod to help us think through the ways we can keep our campers safe.

Day Camp
In order to focus on health and safety during Covid, with new ways of doing programming at camp, we will NOT be scheduling Day Camp experiences for summer 2021.

It is our highest priority to care for the health and safety of our staff, our campers, and the families they return home to. As I write this letter, Covid-19 cases in Wisconsin are Very High and rising. We hope to see that trending downward by the time registration opens. We invite you to join us in prayer and in actions that help to make Wisconsin healthier.

Grace Abounds,

Rev. Sharon L. S. Cook,

Executive Director


If you have specific questions, here’s who your first point of contact is:


Imago Dei Village:

Pine Lake: 


Capital Campaign:


Other: (and we’ll direct your message to the best staff person)

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