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Rooted: May 28-29, 2024
at Pine Lake Camp, Waupaca

We want to let you in on a secret - Camp Staff Training is one of the most impactful tools of the church. We foster a love for ministry leadership in young adults that keeps them engaged in church communities for the rest of their lives. And now, this experience is not just limited to young adults. 


We are inviting all adults, wherever you are on your journey of faith, to attend Rooted: a faith enrichment experience parallel to staff training to join in this learning retreat. $98/Participant covers four meals and retreat center lodging with scholarships available. 

Please contact Robyn Koehler ( with questions. 

Thank you to Lutheran Outdoor Ministries for selecting Rooted as the winner of the
2023 Innovative Program Award

Who: All adults are welcome and invited! Whether you currently lead in your congregation or you are in a season of rest, you and your spiritual well-being are worth investing in and nurturing. 


If you don’t wish to come alone, consider inviting a friend, neighbor, book club, or bible study group to join you. 


What: This unique program runs parallel to camp staff training at Pine Lake Camp. While guest speakers, pastors and faith leaders are brought in to lead and train the camp staff, they will lead and present an additional session for you, our Rooted cohort. You will also share meals with the inspiring young adults that will be leading our camp programming and soaking up their energy and zest for faith while they lead campfire worship. Amidst the full schedule, we have set aside intentional time for recreation that we encourage you to use however is best for you. Suggestions include kayaking, hiking, journaling, or visiting and connecting with other participants. 

Why: We believe the right group of attendees will feel called to this program and that God will use this time of immersive learning to deepen faith, create community, provide active rest, and build up the body of Christ.

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