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Self-Determination Camp is a unique opportunity for young adults (18-40) with intellectual or developmental disabilities to gather in an authentic, faith-filled environment, grow in their connection to each other and the greater church, and return home with a renewed enthusiasm and new skills to share their personal faith. Camp staff guide participants through a three night program (August 7th-10th) where campers fully participate in the joy of outdoor ministry.

Please contact Robyn Koehler ( for more information or questions.

  • Who is this Self Determination Camp for?
    At this time, we are inviting camp participants aged 18-40 with developmental or intellectual disabilities who want to further their self-determination and community-based advocacy opportunities. Camp participants will be expected to care for their own hygiene, personal care, and toileting needs. Camp participants must be able to communicate reliably with a ‘yes/no’ at a minimum and demonstrate cooperative social skills. Camp participants should be prepared to participate in an active camp program with breaks provided.
  • Facilities
    Our facilities are modern and welcoming. Sleeping spaces are spacious with private bathrooms included. Some of our cabins have entry steps and others have ground level accessibility. Cabins will be assigned based on accessibility needs in the Level of Care Questionnaire. Program facilities offer alternative spaces to gather and participate in activities. Please contact Robyn Koehler ( with additional questions or to arrange for a tour of our site. Housing assignments will be made for same-gender cabins, with a staff member present for every 4 camp participants, honoring one cabin mate request.
  • Staff Expectations
    Pine Lake Camp will provide a 1:4 staff to camper ratio for cabin groups. Pine Lake Camp Staff will not do lift assists. We will not have an awake 3rd shift provided, and we are not able to support those who may wander during the night. Pine Lake Camp Staff will be able to assist with verbal cues and reminders.
  • Program Activities
    Our program will run from 5PM on Wednesday August 7th - 1PM on Saturday August 10th. Participants will cultivate new skills and relationships in a challenge-by-choice atmosphere. The camp waterfront is a wonderful setting for swimming and boating, and participants will also enjoy crafting and nature activities. Worship and campfires engage the senses in new ways, and whole-group activities also include some movement, teamwork, and a lot of fun! A more detailed schedule will be available in advance of the program for all participants to review.
  • Menu
    Our kitchen staff delight in cooking nutritious, varied meals for all participants while also providing an alternative for each meal, including a salad bar. Staff are trained to prepare for and manage a variety of dietary needs. Please contact Ben Koehler ( to discuss specific dietary restrictions or concerns.
  • Accommodations & Access Needs
    We invite you to share with us resources, tools, and specifics as part of the Level of Care Questionnaire prior to our program.
  • Faith Affiliation
    Our programming is rooted in the open and welcoming theology of the ELCA Lutheran Church. Many participants attend from different faith traditions or no tradition at all. All are welcome no matter their faith affiliation. Our staff are trained to facilitate open conversation.
  • Community Expectations
    In order to build the intentional community of this program, we ask that participants remain on site throughout the full program. Please make arrangements in advance if there is a need to leave the site. Crossways Camping Ministries respects the rights and dignity of every participant, volunteer, and staff member. We create a place of acceptance and belonging for people of different backgrounds and abilities, and promote a community of equals, where every member is respected.
  • Paying with Long Term Care Funds
    Crossways Camps are ACA Accredited. We welcome payments through Managed Care Organizations including IRIS (Include. Respect. I Self-Direct). To complete registration with a payment from long term care, please use the code LTC-PAYMENT during registration. This will allow you to complete the process and will serve as a place holder for invoicing. To discuss payments through other funding sources, please contact us directly. Email or call (715) 258-3813.
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