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 Refer-a-Friend Program

The best way to enrich our camp community is to welcome new campers that have learned  about us from someone that shares their own story and experience at a Crossways camp.   As a special thank you, we will provide a special bonus to registered campers that refer a new youth camper to our Crossways youth program.


Here’s how it works:

In appreciation for referring each 1st time youth camper, you’ll receive 20% off of your/your child’s summer camp tuition. 

That means – refer 5 first time campers – and come to camp for free!

  • You and your friend both register for camp individually, following the online registration process.

  • The referred camper family must be new to Crossways Camps, and may not be a member of your household or immediate family.

  • The new camper(s) you refer must list you as their referral source when enrolling for camp. This can be done during registration by selecting “first-time camper” and adding the name of the camper making the referral.

  • After the new camper(s) attend summer camp this year, you will receive a referral bonus equal to 20% of the tuition paid to attend camp. Bonuses are refunded following completion of the summer camp season, when you will be contacted to set up the refund.

  • The referral bonus program is for youth summer campers only. It does not apply to confirmation camp, family camp or other specialty programs.

  • You can receive bonuses up to the total amount paid for their camp tuition.

Thank you for helping us grow the Crossways Camps Community!  Please contact our Registration Manager at with questions about camp or the Refer-a-Friend program.

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