Crossways Team


Sharon Cook

Executive Director

What is Sharon's favorite thing about Crossways?
"The best way to experience the tangible love and grace of God, for me, has always been camp. I love that at Crossways, regardless of how old you are or how long you stay, you have a chance to be part of embodying the very Kingdom of God -- not in some distant time or place, but right here and right now. That kind of experience has the power to change you (and through you, the world)."


Kimberly Gordon

Administrative Assistant

What is Kimberly's favorite thing about Crossways?
"My favorite thing about Crossways is how welcoming, inclusive and positive all of the staff members are. It really is a special place to work."


Gina Peeters

Accounting Manager

What is Gina's favorite thing about Crossways?
"Joining an organization with such a worthy mission of bringing people together in Christ so lives are changed and communities enhanced, is a dream come true for me."


Steve Delany

Registration Manager

What is Steve's favorite thing about Crossways?
"Crossways allows people of all ages to explore their faith in a safe and welcoming environment and have a great time doing it. We are fortunate to have camps where we can enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in all four seasons. Its amazing to watch the personal growth at camp and to see the boost it provides for many to serve and become leaders in their congregations, schools and their communities."

Robyn Koehler Staff Photo.jpg

Robyn Koehler

Co-Camp Director for Pine Lake

What is Robyn's favorite thing about Crossways?
"My favorite thing about Crossways is the authentic community that points us towards God's boundless love. Campers of all ages live into who they are created to be."

Jess Throlson Staff Photo.jpg

Jess Throlson

Camp Director for Imago Dei Village

What is Jess' favorite thing about Crossways?
​"All the opportunities we provide through different sites. There are multitudes of ways for everyone to connect with their faith and their communities."

Ben Koehler Staff Photo.jpg

Ben Koehler

Co-Camp Director for Pine Lake, Interim Director for Waypost

What is Ben's favorite thing about Crossways?
​"My favorite thing about Crossways Camps is the community built here, that spills out into the world."