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We want to let you in on a secret - Camp Staff Training is one of the most impactful tools of the church. We foster a love for ministry leadership in young adults that keeps them engaged in church communities for the rest of their lives. And now, this experience is not just limited to young adults. 


We are inviting all adults, wherever you are on your journey of faith, to attend Rooted: a faith enrichment experience parallel to staff training to join in this learning retreat. $98/Participant covers four meals and retreat center lodging with scholarships available. 

2023 Dates: 
  • May 30th-31st at Pine Lake Camp
Once your account is created, select "Crossways Programmed Retreats 2022-2023" to access registration for Rooted. 
Family Camp
Piec Toegether
SelfDetermination (8.5 × 4 in) (Rounded Business Card) (2 × 3_edited.jpg


Self-Determination Camp is a unique opportunity for young adults (18-40) with intellectual or developmental disabilities to gather in an authentic, faith-filled environment, grow in their connection to each other and the greater church, and return home with a renewed enthusiasm and new skills to share their personal faith. Camp staff guide participants through a three night program (August 13-16) where campers fully participate in the joy of outdoor ministry.

2023 Dates: 
  • August 13 - 16 at Pine Lake Camp 
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