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Family Camp

 Family Camp

Experience camp as a family for faith development that builds an excitement for God, creates meaningful faith practices you can continue at home, and invites you to play together in God's amazing creation. We offer programing for all ages! Enjoy mornings that begin with engaging worship, followed by Bible study for age groups led by camp staff. Afternoons are filled with activities of your choosing, including swimming, canoeing/kayaking, arts & crafts, archery, hiking, and more! Close every night with a campfire and songs. Enjoy delicious, wholesome meals cooked for you - and you don't have to clean up! 

2023 Dates: 
  • July 5-8 (Session 4) at Waypost Camp
  • *UPDATED* June 30 - July 3 (Session 4) at Pine Lake Camp 
  • July 30 - August 4 (Session 8) at Imago Dei Village 
Family Camp
Piec Toegether

Piece Together Family Camp

Worldwide, when people talk about what really matters to them, it's family. Having a child with autism doesn’t change that, but it can make family time challenging and connection hard to come by. Children with autism and their families need a unique type of situation to feel physically and emotionally safe to connect, rejuvenate, and play together.
Join us for Piece Together, our four-day residential family camp program designed specially for families with children on the Autism spectrum!
Piece Together is meaningful and beneficial for all members of the family:

  • Spectrum campers engage in developmentally and situationally appropriate and engaging activities designed to meet their needs.

  • Parents are able to connect with other parents for sharing, support, and networking.

  • Siblings find connection and community as they are affirmed and their experience is seen, heard, addressed, and honored

2023 Date: 
  • June 25 - 28 (Session 3) at Imago Dei Village 

For More Information Contact

Jess Throlson, Imago Dei Village Camp Director         715-823-2902

GrandKid Camp

Whether it's a multi-generational family group with grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, or a parent with their child, or grandparents and grandkids together, family camp with Crossways is an enriching experience for all! Our programming is all-inclusive: meals, lodging, and quality, Christ-centered activities for all ages led by top-notch staff. Enjoy theme dinners, kayak our beautiful lakes, explore nature, and create life-long family memories. ​

2023 Dates: 
  • August 6 - 9 (Session 9)  at Pine Lake Camp 
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