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It takes all of us working together to make camping ministry possible. The donors, advocates, and supporters who make our mission possible make up our community of Camp People. This extended community is dedicated to giving others the experiences of spiritual growth, character development, and unconditional love.


When you give to Crossways,

  • You help a 3rd grader learn to be confident and responsible.

  • You help a 5th grader feel safe asking questions about their growing faith.

  • You help an 8th grader set down their phone and engage in face-to-face relationships.

  • You give a high school junior their first significant leadership opportunities.

  • You give a family living with autism a chance to find support and respite.

  • You give grandparents a way to share their faith with their grandkids.

Donate now, with our secure online portal or mail a check written for Crossways Camping Ministries to W8160 Cloverleaf Lake Rd, Clintonville WI 54929. Crossways is a 501(c)3 organization, and your gift is tax-deductible. 

Looking to reduce your fees when you make a gift? Donate using EFT with our platform.

Donate to Crossways 

Endowment Fund

To discuss a potential gift or to make a contribution to the Crossways Endowment Fund, please contact our administrative office at (920) 882-0023 or

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Impact Report 2024

A Look Back at Ministry in 2023

Thrivent Members

Thrivent Members continue to make a big impact at Crossways Camps when they partner to make use of their Thrivent Action Teams and designate Thrivent Choice Dollars.  

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