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Thrivent Members

Thrivent Action Teams

Thrivent Members continue to make a big impact at Crossways Camps when they partner to make use of their Thrivent Action Teams. Thrivent members are eligible to apply for two Action Teams each calendar year. We would love to find you a match and we’ll walk you through the process. Past projects have included garden expansions, supplies for painting projects, and  Thrivent Action Teams help your generosity multiply. Thank you for sharing that impact with camp! 

Learn more about eligibility and guidelines at


Thrivent Choice Dollars

Thank you for directing your Choice Dollars® to support the mission of Crossways Camps! Thrivent Choice Dollars® need to be directed each year and we would be grateful for your support annually.


Grant funding from the Thrivent Choice® program can help support organizations you care about. Don’t let Choice Dollars expire without selecting your designation. We have several projects in mind for any Thrivent Choice dollars you designate for Crossways. These include:

  • Supporting excellence in summer staffing through high quality training

  • Providing important scholarship assistance to make camp experiences accessible to all

  • And meeting other emerging needs as they arise


Go to to learn more. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt.

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