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Summer Staff Joey says, “When Joshua* came to camp, he was incredibly scared that he would be the only camper of color. Upon arrival he was very reserved and kept to himself.

Around the second night, I could see Joshua felt more open, and even started to participate in the worship services and help guide other cabin mates. By Thursday night, he was the one leading activities for our cabin group.

*Camper’s name changed for privacy.

2023 Crossways Summer Staff Joey

Sharing why you give to Crossways helps inspires others to give. Will you share your story of generosity to amplify the impact to the mission of Crossways Camps? 

We give thanks to our ministry partners who help us to share the stories of camp and invite others into support the work. Your invitations help the Crossways Community to reach further! Consider sharing in a newsletter, email, social media or via announcement slide. 

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